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Significance of Transits in Astrology

Transit (gochara) refers to the influence of a transiting planet when in contact with the birth time position of itself or of other planets in the natal chart.Transits are constant movements of planets in the sky. Transit simply means movement. Planets are always rotating and revolving around the sun and they are always moving through a certain sign, nakshatra, degree, which means in  your own birth chart these planets are moving over a certain house and certain planet. Transits bring confirmed results of "Mahadashas and antar dashas" in Vedic Astrology. But, even if you do not know the mahadasha system, many qualified astrologers can make a fairly well prediction just based on transits and seeing how planets are moving in your horoscope. example: If Jupiter and Saturn are both pointing to the 7th house or Venus via their transit or aspect then marriage is most likely to happen. Sometimes planets will  go over an empty house in your horoscope and sometimes they will be going over a planet in your horoscope. Transits have a more heavy effect when they go over a certain planet.

Bad transits are likely to damage the good configuration promised in natal chart.At the same time if a bad configuration is seen in natal chart a good transit can rarely repair the likely damage. Thus study of Transits are important. You can say that Natal chart indicate the strengths and weakness and the transits provide opportunities and the scope to fructify events or warns you about any upcoming calamities.

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