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Characteristics: Mars is the first planet when we go away from Earth towards the outer planets in the solar system.It is also called Mangal (well being), Kuja, Bhauma or Bhoomiputra (child of the Earth). It is a fiery red planet.Mars brings energy into living matter and grants an enterprising spirit, stamina, courage and daring. It's colour as well as names suggest it's nature.It is a fiery planet and represents will power and drive to attain the chosen goals. It is the passion to excel, to win, to conquer, to achieve, to overcome any and all the obstacles. A person dominated by Mars is always active, busy, restless, trying to achieve his goals all the time. He is hyper competitive. He hates to lose.Mars keeps you alive, when you are surrounded by enemies. He loves physically vigorous activities - going to the gym, working out, playing high contact sports like rugby, football, wrestling, boxing, martial arts etc. They are extremely high energy people. It is because of this attitude of always trying to compete and win, that Mars is called the commander among the planets.Mars gives you the freedom to stick to your decisions.Mars is a karaka, or indicator, of brother and siblings.Everything that sticks, cuts or penetrates belongs to Mars, syringes, surgical operations, surgeons.It is the natural significator of muscles, without Mars one cannot move a muscle and it is the energizer and stimulator of all aspects of our bodies

Positive traits: A benefic Mars – or a well-placed Mars in one's Horoscope, can make the native courageous and a Purushaarthi – that is, hard working and passionate .

Negative Traits: It makes one Arrogant, Aggressive, Headstrong, Selfish & Impulsive.

Energy Type – Masculine
Time Spent in each Sign – 45 Days

Maturity age - 28 yrs
Element – Fire

Direction- South

Day- Tuesday

Color- Red

Number-9, 18, 27, 36

Time Periods - Week

Metal-Iron, Copper
Nature –Dry and Fiery


Ruler of the Sign – Aries , Scorpio

Ruler of Nakshatras- Mrighshira, Dhanishtha, and Chitra

Exaltation Sign- Capricorn 28 Degree

Debilitation Sign-Cancer 28 Degree

Mool Trikon Sign - Aries (0-12 Degree)

Aspects- 4th, 7th, 8th
Ruler of the House – First House, Eight House

Directional Strength- 10th House

Natural Friend-Sun,Moon and Jupiter.

Natural Enemy-Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu 

Maha Dasha Period - 7 Years

Stone - Red Coral

Taste - Bitter taste (e.g. karela/bitter melon, dandelion root, rhubarb root, neem leaves)
Imparts – Courage, Energy, Activity, Initiative, & Originality

Body parts ruled by Mars:It governs muscular system, adrenal and prostate gland, blood - specifically red blood cells and thus signifies any disease related to blood disorders, such as anemia, blood poisoning etc. Any type of blows, cuts, accident, wounds and surgery are signified by Mars. Headaches including migraine headaches, brain fevers and any type of inflammation, high fever and rapid temperature increases are also governed by Mars. As Mars also rules over the reproductive system it governs most diseases related to them like hemorrhoids, piles, diseases of the reproductive system, bladder, and venereal diseases. If Mars is well placed and aspected then one can quickly bounce back from sickness and have good recuperating powers and stamina.

Dhaatu or Matters - Marrow

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