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Karmic Remedy

If Supreme Power asks you to go through suffering, no remedy can stop it. Remember, Krishna was killed, Ram died fatally ( a kind of suicide) , Ram had a bad marriage, he did not get a great life as a son, husband and as a father. He lived in the age of Rishis and Devas. Jesus was crucified. Prophet Nabi was poisoned to death.They were available in a physical form to people.Lord Krishna said “if you do wrong definitely you will be punished then what is the meaning of regret in front of God ,will God forgive you? No ! God will not forgive you instead of he will give you power to survive when he will punish you”. What is done is done , life doesn't come with ctrl + z button . Karma once done can not be undone . The only way to undo bad karma is to endure the karma phala accept it and move on. In the human form apart from those few who are on the path to moksha there is no freedom from karma and karma phala.

Just think of the astrologer, who has a momentary life, who goes through all ups and downs of life, can give you remedies to save you from your worries? Ask that person if he suggests remedies, whether he has survived all troubles through remedies in his life.

One has to face the consequence of KARMA.We are bound to experience it in our course of life through children , relatives and relationships with outsiders . Astrological remedies don't erase karma they only can help you handle adverse situations better, it's not interfering with karma, but wise way of helping yourself.

Each and every house in astrology signifies karma. Planetary positions in these houses helps in unraveling those Karma's when examined carefully.Karmic remedy is nothing but our Karma's itself towards the other.

Karma can’t be clear but you can improve your karma with positive energy.

Lord Shiva affirms that for a person having family/ household organism (grihast), serving Kuldev/Kuldevta’s, reciting God’s name(Always Remember :The God in your home and heart is your Rama, so remember him with true devotion.) and reading the Holy Ramcharitramanas by Sri Tulsidasji is the best way to clear bad karma.

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