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Characteristics: Jupiter or Brihaspati is also called the Guru (a philosopher guide and teacher; a Self-realized Master; an enlightened being). According to Indian mythology, he is the eternal guide of the Gods or devas who always helps, protects and guides them in their frequent battles against the demons or asuras. He is the Jagadguru (teacher of the world) who incarnates from time to time in order to restore Dharma (ethical way of life in accordance with the principles of Sanatan Dharma or the eternal religion prescribed by the Vedas). In the role of the Jagadguru, Jupiter is the Lord Vishnu. For example, Lord Krishna, the most famous incarnation of Vishnu, is also revered as the Jagadguru. It is because of this reason that Vishnu is often worshipped on Thursday or Guruvar, the day of the week associated with Jupiter or Guru.As a planet, Jupiter is the ultimate benefic. Jupiter sitting alone in any house normally functions beneficially with respect to the nature of that house. The qualities of any house that it sits in or aspects get expanded enormously because of its influence.Jupiter is the great protector. I have seen that even when the malefic planets like Rahu, Mars, Saturn etc. give one troubles related to a certain house, an aspect of Jupiter on those planets keeps their evil influence in check.Jupiter  is the significator of higher learning, religion, spirituality, spiritual teacher, long distance travel, connection with foreign lands and luck, freedom from debts and Self-realization or moksha (liberation from the cycle of births and deaths).Jupiter also is the significator for children. A well disposed Jupiter blesses one with brilliant, obedient, and lucky children who adore their parent.Jupiter represents deep spiritual wisdom, esoteric knowledge of the eternal principles that govern this Universe (for example, the law of karma), ethical behaviour, benevolence, kindness, healing, a good character, and most importantly, expansion of all the good qualities and things in one's being and life.Jupiter has always been associated with growth and expansion.Jupiter is known to be the karaka of gold, wealth and all matters relating to finance.Jupiter is also known to be an indicator of past karmas “Purva Poonya”, that is the result of good deeds or karmas that are now being reared in this life.Jupiter reflects our true potential, our capacity to bounce back from adversity and our ability to experience bountiful increase in a range of ways. Thus the planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology has incredible importance.

Positive traits: A strong or well-placed Jupiter can indicate many things, all of them positive, giving happiness. Subjects will be of an optimistic frame of mind, have dignity and a good sense of humor. It can make a person famous and gives many good qualities, such as honesty, compassion towards others and wisdom. Although a powerful Jupiter may give much wealth or influence, more importantly it makes for a happy and satisfied life.A well-placed Jupiter gives compassion, benevolence, charity, morality, wisdom and truthfulness.

Negative Traits: When Jupiter is weak in the horoscope, subjects may suffer from lack of happiness and enthusiasm. They will be weak-willed, have lack of faith both spiritually and in the good things and attributes of life. Life may seem meaningless and without any source of pleasure. A week Jupiter will cause pessimism and depression, anxiety and self-pity. Ill-aspected Jupiter makes for lack of compassion and congeniality for other people. It will also give rise to material, as well as financial difficulties. The person may be devoid of any creative abilities and in the case of a woman, may be unable to bear children and lack a good husband to properly care for her.A weak Jupiter can also give diseases related to ear, diabetes, tongue, memory and pancreas. Jupiter plays part in giving diabetes to the native.

Energy Type – Masculine
Time Spent in each Sign –  1 Year

Maturity age - 16 yrs
Element – ethery

Direction- East

Day- Thursday

Color- Yellow

Number- 3, 12, 21 30

Time Periods - Month

Nature –Hot and Wet


Guna- saattwik
Ruler of the Sign – Sagittarius, Pisces

Ruler of Nakshatras- Punarvasu,Vishakha,Poorva-Bhadrapada

Exaltation Sign- Cancer 5 Degree

Debilitation Sign-Capricorn 5 Degree

Mool Trikon Sign - Sagittarius (0-10) Degree

Aspects- 5th, 7th, 9th
Ruler of the House – Ninth House, Twelfth House

Directional Strength- 1st House

Natural Friend-Sun,Moon and Jupiter.

Natural Enemy-Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu 

Maha Dasha Period - 16 Years

Stone - Yellow sapphire

Taste - Jupiter governs sweetness (e.g. sugar, dates)

Abode:Treasure House
Imparts – Knowledge, morality, gratitude, progeny, hope, honor, the law, broader purpose, reach, and possibility

Body parts ruled by Jupiter:Jupiter is the karaka of thighs, fat, brain, liver, kidneys, lungs, ears, tongue, memory, spleen etc.

Dhaatu or Matters - fat

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