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To assess Dental / Gum problems in Astrology following factors should be kept in mind

Lets study the Significators:

  • Primary Ruling Planet - Saturn 

  • Secondary Ruling Planet  - Sun

  • Tertiary Ruling Planet - Mercury

  • Primary Sign– Capricorn (overall bones / teeth);

  • Secondary Sign – Taurus (pulp of teeth; lower teeth/jaw),

  • Tertiary Sign - Aries (teeth bones except pulp; upper teeth/jaw)

  • Primary Houses–  2nd house (pulp of teeth, type of teeth / beauty – cosmetic issues),

  • Secondary House - 7th house rules diseases related to teeth

  • Star – Krittika ( The one who cuts)

Note: The diseases of teeth are controlled by the signs Taurus and Libra.


  • Defective teeth - Saturn in 2nd

  • Large prominent teeth- Rahu in 1st / 2nd

  • Pyorrhea -Saturn in Taurus

  • Decaying teeth - Saturn in 1st/7th

  • Wider teeth- Ketu in 1st

  • Early teeth loss- Malefic Saturn in cancer/Mars in Watery Sign

  • Gums Bleeding and Pain with Toothache- Afflicted Moon/Mars

  • Grinding teeth during sleep- strongly placed Mars/Mercury conjunction in 12th House

Severe disease related to Gums/ Teeth caused when above significators planets are ill placed or afflicted. One has to see significator signs / houses afflictions as well.

Example chart: The native suffers from severe teeth decay .

  • Capricorn sign afflicted by Rahu,

  • Taurus sign afflicted by Mars, Rahu

  • Sun is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu and present in Dusthana

  • 2nd and 7th House Lord Mars is afflicted by Rahu and present in Dusthana

  • Lord of Taurus and Libra Venus is in debilitated sign , conjunct with malefic Sun(combusted) and aspected by Mars

  • Mercury combusted , aspected by malefic Mars and present in Dusthana


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