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To assess Eye related problems in Astrology following factors should be kept in mind

Lets study the Significators:

  • Primary Ruling Planet - Luminaries Sun (right eye ) & Moon (left eye, eyesight)

  • Secondary Ruling Planet  - Venus (governs beauty of the native’s eyes,lens of the eye)

  • Tertiary Ruling Planet -  Mercury (governs optic nerves)

  • Other Planets - Mars (acuity of vision), Saturn ( darkness/blindness)

  • Primary Sign– Aries

  • Secondary Sign – Taurus

  • Tertiary Sign -  Pisces

  • Primary Houses–  2nd house (Right Eye) & 12th house (Left Eye)

  • Secondary House - 1st House

  • Star – Mrigashira

Note: An affliction to a high degree of Venus may result in blindness because Venus is the significator of blood-sugar in terms of Astrology.


  • Weak position of Moon- Weak eyesight

  • Weak position of Sun- diseases related to eyes

  • Association of Ketu and the Sun in the 2nd or 12th house- Cataract

  • Nerve related Eye problem- Mars in 2nd House

  • Serious Eye disease - Mars and Sun in 2nd House

  • Moon present in 2nd and Sun present in 12th give rise to problems in left and right eye respectively.

Severe disease related to Eyes caused when  malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn form relations either by conjunctions, aspects etc with significator planets .Also one has to see significator house, sign afflictions.

Example chart: The native lost his left eye . He was a freedom fighter from Hooghly.

  • Moon which denotes left eye is afflicted by Saturn(3rd aspect)

  • Pisces sign natural 12 th Zodiac is affliced by Saturn

  • Lord of Pisces sign Jupiter is afflicted by Rahu

  • 12th House & Lord of 12th House (Saturn) afflicted by Debilitated Mars from 6th House enemy.

  • Severe affliction over lagna by Sun, Mars & Rahu

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