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There are 3 kinds of people in this earth

1. One who is never get affected by ghost

2. One who can get affected by ghost

3. One who has the power to control the ghost or communicate with ghost

Moon- represents mind (Moon is static factor for mind)

Sun- represents soul

Saturn- represents fear which is real

Rahu - represents fear which is not real

8th House- Hidden activities

Now if you think what planetary combinations in astrology predict if someone will be haunted by ghosts or paranormal powers then below combinations may indicate the same

1. If Moon and Rahu are conjunct in Lagna and there are malefic planets in trikon . (Brihad Jataka)

2. If Saturn and Rahu are conjunct in Lagna . (Sarvarthchintamani)

3. If weak moon is conjunct with Saturn in 8th or 12th house

4. If ascendant is in movable sign and Saturn in seventh house and malefic planets cast ill aspect on Moon

5. In addition to above combination if there is affliction to Sun

6. In case of weak Jupiter and presence of above combination will add to more problems.

7. When Moon and Mercury is severally afflicted by Rahu and other malefics then native will suffer from evil spirits.

8. If the Moon and Rahu combine in the 7th

9. if Rahu is in eight house aspected by saturn, or conjunct saturn, fear from ghosts will be there.

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