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Characteristics: Sun is considered to be the King of planets in astrology. According to astrology, Sun rules the soul and fatherhood. Sun is Vishnu.Sun provides light to all other planets. The distance between Sun and a planet determines the respective planet’s strength. Sun provides life to earth. In a Kundali, Sun rules ancestors. Pitra Dosha is formed in a Kundali, if Sun is aspected by more than one inauspicious planets. Due to the effects of Sun, a person works in the government sector. Sun also makes a person principled. In addition to this, Sun also makes a person disciplined, influential, administrator, analyst, inventor and a person who achieves success with time. Sun helps in the continuity of life on our planet. Sun is the reason for the existence of everything. It is the head in a family, a king in the state, a leader in a village and the most important of all planets. Sun comprises of fire and does not accept lack of energy. Sun gives orders and does not take any. It understands its own limits and importance. A person with a strong Sun reaches new heights and achieves success. Sun is the karaka planet for heart and eyesight(right eye). The Sun is known as the ATMAKARAKA. This comes from the Sanskrit ATMA meaning soul, and KARAKA meaning indicator. As "indicator of the soul" the Sun is the giver of life.The human spine is specially influenced by the Sun. Pingala Nadi, which represents the Sun, originates at the base of the spine on the right side, is solar in nature, and terminates in the right nostril

Positive traits: Strong will Power, ambition,boldness, brilliance, capacity to command over, dignity, energy, faith, fame, grace, generosity, health, hope, happiness, joy, kind heart, kingly appearance, loyalty, nobility, royalty, success in worldly affairs, truth, vitality, vigor, virtue and warmth, cheerful attitude towards life and enjoy the blissful life with good fortune,gives power to rise high in life, due to which you get the recognition in the society. It gives magnetic quality and ambition to the person.It makes a person responsible.

Negative Traits: Lose multiple opportunities to make it BIG, struggle to get official work done smoothly,not able to get ancestral properties, frequent migraine head aches, first child causing problems, loss in real estate business, not able to sell properties for good price, harassment of police, income tax officials will be experienced frequently, Will lose some property to government or in court litigation. Will lose money spend in politics, share market, Health will be suffering frequently with diseases related to blood pressure. Father’s sudden demise, cheated or insulted by close relations will also be experienced.
Medical students will see multiple obstacles and hurdles in their education. Doctors with good knowledge will not be able to get deserved fame in their profession.They believe that they had all abilities to make it big in life but fate was not with them.Lack of success and jealous will sometimes lead to Cynicism.

Energy Type – Masculine
Time Spent in each Sign – 30 Days approximately (a month)

Maturity age - 22 yrs
Element – Fire

Direction- East

Day- Sunday

Color- Vermilion Red,Orange


Time Periods - Ayana

Nature – Hot and dry; passionate and fiery
Ruler of the Sign – Leo

Ruler of Nakshatras-Kritika, Uttra Phalguni, and Uttra Khad

Exaltation Sign- Aries 10 Degree

Debilitation Sign-Libra 10 Degree

Mool Trikon Sign - Leo 20 Degree

Aspects- 7th
Ruler of the HouseFifth house

Directional Strength- 10th House

Abode: Temple

Natural Friend-Moon, Mars, and Jupiter.

Natural Enemy-Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu 

Maha Dasha Period - 6 Years

Stone - Red Ruby

Taste-Sun governs the pungent taste (e.g. onion, ginger, pepper).
Imparts – Health, warmth, life, ability to deal with challenges, authority, attractiveness, ambitions

Body parts ruled by Sun: Right eye , heart, liver, lungs, head (brain), nerves, and bones.

Dhaatu or Matters - Bones

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